I have worked with PeopleSoft's Global Payroll product since its very first beta release in 2000 . Over the last few years we have provided specialist performance and configuration consultancy on Global Payroll systems in UK, France, Switzerland, Japan and USA. Experiences at a variety customer sites has enabled me to progressively develop the techniques that have been employed, and these have been fed back to all our customers.

23rd June 2011

Global Payroll Performance Optimisation - I
Global Payroll Performance Optimisation - II
Presented to UK Oracle User Group PeopleSoft Conference
This is pair of presentations discuss some of the techniques that are needed to optimize the performance of the Global Payroll Calculation and other processes (although the slides are very similar).

The first and non-technical part will discuss some of the performance challenges and threats, and explain the options for addressing them. The presentation will include operation aspects that Payroll departments need to understand.

The second and unashamedly technical part will look under the covers at how and why performance problems occur, how to detect and diagnose them, and how to combat them.

6th October 2004

Configuring Global Payroll for Optimal Performance Presented to PeopleSoft UK RUG and PeopleSoft EMEA Conferences 2001 and 2004
This presentation is an updated version of the conference presentation below. It discusses

Aspects of the GP calculation.
How to bring more resources to bear by processing in parallel - PeopleSoft call this Streaming.
Why streaming creates contention on the database.
How avoid to contention with partitioning and temporary tables.
A few comments about how to identify inefficient GP rules, and how to code them efficiently.
Experiences from a number of GP customers who have successfully used this approach

Also available as a zip archive.

Companion document: Configuring and Operating Streamed Processing in PeopleSoft Global Payroll

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