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EC External TP Link Assignment

Assign internal Customer or Vendor code to a specific TPID.

  • Parent record: ECEXTPARTNER
  • PeopleSoft Field NameField TypeColumn TypeDescription
    EC_EXT_TP_IDCharacter(16)VARCHAR2(16) NOT NULLElectronic Commerce External Trading Partner ID. Used in EDI Manager. The External Trading Partners are the customers, vendors, etc. that will do business with the PeopleSoft enterprise. External TPID can be found out from the external businesses directly or from the VAN.

    Prompt Table: ECEXTPARTNER

    ECENTITYCDCharacter(8)VARCHAR2(8) NOT NULLPeopleSoft Entity Code

    Prompt Table: ECENTITYCDS

    SETIDCharacter(5)VARCHAR2(5) NOT NULLSetID

    Prompt Table: SETID_TBL

    ECCUSTVNDRVALCharacter(15)VARCHAR2(15) NOT NULLPS Customer/Vendor Number

    Prompt Table: %EDITTABLE

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