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EC Outbound Map Where Clause

select ecmapid, ecfilerowid, seqno, ecwhere from PS_ECOUTMAPWHERE

  • Parent record: ECOUTMAPREC_VW
  • PeopleSoft Field Name Field Type Column Type Description
    ECMAPID Character(10) VARCHAR2(10) NOT NULL EC Map ID
    ECFILEROWID Character(3) VARCHAR2(3) NOT NULL Electronic Commerce File Row ID. Used in EDI Manager. There must be one work record for every PeopleSoft Business Document file. The first field in the record is the Record_Id and the rest of the fields must match the corresponding business document, in the same order and length. translate values
    SEQNO Number(5,0) INTEGER NOT NULL Sequence Number
    ECWHERE Character(50) VARCHAR2(50) NOT NULL Where Clause
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