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Process Schdlr Recurring Date

This Process Scheduler table contains all dates used for recurrence definition. It can contain two types of dates 1) Exception Date - Date where a request will not be run 2) Run Date - Specific date where a request should run

PeopleSoft Field NameField TypeColumn TypeDescription
RECURNAMECharacter(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLRecurrence Name
RECUR_DATEDate(10)DATERun Date (From)
RECURUNTILDate(10)DATEdate field to hold Process Scheduler Recurrence Definition Run/Exception Until date
RECURUNTILYEARNumber(4,0)SMALLINT NOT NULLNumber field to hold the Until year for Process Scheduler Recurrence Definition Run/Exception items.
RECURDESCRCharacter(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLRecurrence Description
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