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DBField Label Table

PSDBFLDLABL contains Field Labels for DBField. FIELDNAME represents DBField name. LABEL_ID is an unique ID of Field Label. LONGNAME and SHORTNAME are actual names used in a panel. DEFAULT_LABEL indicates the default Field Label.

  • Related language record: PSDBFLDLABLLANG
  • PeopleSoft Field NameField TypeColumn TypeDescription
    FIELDNAMECharacter(18)VARCHAR2(18) NOT NULLField Name (see PSDBFIELD).
    LABEL_IDCharacter(18)VARCHAR2(18) NOT NULLLABEL_ID identifies uniquness of DB Field Labels. This field is used in PSDBFLDLABL and PSDBFLDLABLLANG.
    LONGNAMECharacter(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLLong Name
    SHORTNAMECharacter(15)VARCHAR2(15) NOT NULLField Short Name
    DEFAULT_LABELNumber(1,0)SMALLINT NOT NULLDEFAULT_LABEL identifys default Field Label of DB Field.
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