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Process Request Text

This contains all long text fields affiliated with a Process Request

PeopleSoft Field NameField TypeColumn TypeDescription
PRCSINSTANCENumber(10,0)DECIMAL(10) NOT NULLProcess Instance
RQSTTEXTTYPECharacter(2)VARCHAR2(2) NOT NULLProcess Request Text Type. This describes the different long text fields associated with a specific Process Reuqest
1=Email Address
2=Email Subject
3=Email Text
4=Email Address Expanded List
5=Distribution List
6=Original Extended Parameter
7=Extended Parameter
RQST_TEXTLong CharacterCLOBProcess Request long text fields. This is used to hold values for any long text associated with a process request. For instance, this includes Email informationlike text, subject, or addresss.
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