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Project State
Translate ValueShort DescriptionLong Description
APCPApprovedApproved for copy from file
CEABAbortedCollection Engine Aborted
CESTStoppedCollection engine stopped
CMFFFailedCompare from file failed
CMFSSucceededCompare from file succeeded
CMMFComparingComparing from file
CPFFFailedCopy from file failed
CPFSSucceededCopy from file succeeded
CPPFCopyingCopying from file
CPPTCopyingCopying to file
CPTFFailedCopy to file failed
CPTSSucceededCopy to file succeeded
CVFCCheckingChecking integrity
EVAPEvaluatingEvaluating Approval
FDSEerrorIntegrity checked with errors
LOADLoadedLoaded from file
NACPUnapprovedNot approved for file copy
NEWNewNew project
NTAPUnapprovedNot approved
PDNPNo PromptPre delete no prompt
PDWPPromptPre delete warning prompt
RCLECollectingRunning collection engine
REVPReviewingReviewing compare from file
SBCFSubmittedSubmitted for copy from file
SCMFScheduledScheduled for file compare
SCPFScheduledScheduled for copy from file
SCPTScheduledScheduled for copy to file
SVFDScheduledScheduled for check integrity
SVFFScheduledScheduled for file validate
UPRDDesigningUsing Project Designer
VDDFValidatingValidating from file
VDFFFailedValidate from file failed
VDFSSucceededValidate from file succeeded
VECMErrorValidation errors on compare
VECPErrorValidation errors on copy file
VEVDErrorValidation errors on validate
VFDEErrorCheck errors before copy to
VFDFfailedCheck integrity failed
VFDPErrorIntegrity errors after copy
VFDSSucceededCheck integrity succeeded
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