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Project State
Translate Value Short Description Long Description
APCP Approved Approved for copy from file
CEAB Aborted Collection Engine Aborted
CEST Stopped Collection engine stopped
CMFF Failed Compare from file failed
CMFS Succeeded Compare from file succeeded
CMMF Comparing Comparing from file
CPFF Failed Copy from file failed
CPFS Succeeded Copy from file succeeded
CPPF Copying Copying from file
CPPT Copying Copying to file
CPTF Failed Copy to file failed
CPTS Succeeded Copy to file succeeded
CRTD Created Created
CVFC Checking Checking integrity
DELT Deleted Deleted
EVAP Evaluating Evaluating Approval
FDSE error Integrity checked with errors
FINL Final Finalized
LDFE Failed Load from file failed
LDFF Loading Loading from file
LOAD Loaded Loaded from file
NACP Unapproved Not approved for file copy
NEW New New project
NTAP Unapproved Not approved
PDNP No Prompt Pre delete no prompt
PDWP Prompt Pre delete warning prompt
RCLE Collecting Running collection engine
REVP Reviewing Reviewing compare from file
SBCF Submitted Submitted for copy from file
SCMF Scheduled Scheduled for file compare
SCPF Scheduled Scheduled for copy from file
SCPT Scheduled Scheduled for copy to file
SLFF Scheduled Scheduled for load from file
SVFD Scheduled Scheduled for check integrity
SVFF Scheduled Scheduled for file validate
TRMD Terminated Terminated
UPRD Designing Using Project Designer
VDDF Validating Validating from file
VDFF Failed Validate from file failed
VDFS Succeeded Validate from file succeeded
VECM Error Validation errors on compare
VECP Error Validation errors on copy file
VEVD Error Validation errors on validate
VFDE Error Check errors before copy to
VFDF failed Check integrity failed
VFDP Error Integrity errors after copy
VFDS Succeeded Check integrity succeeded
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