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SDK Business Expense Periods

SDK Business Expense Periods

  • Parent record: SDK_PERS_DATA
  • PeopleSoft Field Name Field Type Column Type Description
    SDK_EMPLID Character(11) VARCHAR2(11) NOT NULL SDK Employee ID

    Prompt Table: SDK_PERS_DATA

    SYNCID Number(10,0) DECIMAL(10) NOT NULL The Synchronization ID field stores a value generated by the sync processor. The value is used to identify the type of object that the sync processor is about to handle.
    SDK_SYNCTIMESTAMP DateTime(26) TIMESTAMP SDK Synchronization Timestamp
    SDK_EXP_PER_DT Date(10) DATE NOT NULL SDK Expense Period Date
    SDK_SUBMIT_FLG Character(1) VARCHAR2(1) NOT NULL SDK Submit Flag

    Y/N Table Edit

    Default: N

    SDK_INTL_FLG Character(1) VARCHAR2(1) NOT NULL SDK International Flag

    Default: N

    Prompt Table: SDK_INTL_FLG_CD

    SDK_APPR_STATUS Character(1) VARCHAR2(1) NOT NULL SDK Approval status flag used on appr_inst_log and derived records to track virtual approver status

    Default: P

    SDK_APPR_INSTANCE Number(9,0) DECIMAL(9) NOT NULL SDK Unique number for each runtime occurrence of a virtual approver process
    SDK_DESCR Character(30) VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL SDK Description
    SDK_COMMENTS Long Character CLOB SDK Comments
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