Field Use and Edit Flags

Bit NumberBit ValueSet (Not Set) ValueComment
01Key ValueThis column will be a part of the PeopleSoft key index (PS_<recname>).
12Duplicate (unique) keyThe PeopleSoft key index will be NONUNIQUE if any one field in the key is given duplicate attribute.
24System Maintained Field 
38Audit fieldóadd. 
416Alternate search keyThis field is not part of the primary key but can be used to query the data in a record locator. The field will appear in the alternate search key indexes.
532List box item.This column will appear in the result set of component record locator dialog or list of values. Up to PeopleTools 7.x, an index was created on all list columns.
664Ascending (descending) key field.Controls order of the column in the ORDER BY clauses of SQL generated by the PIA. Up to PeopleTools 8.14, the indexes were also built with the order specified on the field.
7128Audit fieldóchange. 
8256Required fieldDate and Long columns will have NOT NULL constraints. The PeopleSoft application will not allow 0 for Number columns or blank character fields.
9512X/LatLook-up value for field in table XLATTABLE.
101024Audit fieldódelete. 
112048Keys - search 
124096Edits - Reasonable Date 
138192Edits - Yes/NoField will only accept a Y/N response that is mapped to specified database values.
1416384Prompt table edit enabled. 
1532768Auto Update 
1665536 unknown
17131072 unknown
18262144From search field. 
19524288To search field. 
2010485761/0 Table Edit 
212097152Disable advanced search options. 
224194304 unknown
238388608Regular field (sub-record)Indicates if the field is a sub-record or not. This value is not disaplyed on Record Field Properties dialog box.
2416777216Default search field  
2533554432 unknown
2667108864 unknown
27134217728Keys - Allow Search Events for Prompt DialogsIntroduced in PeopleTools 8.50
28268435456Keys - Search Edit 
29536870912Edits - Display in Autocomplete WindowIntroduced in PeopleTools 8.50
301073741824Autocomplete - Enable Autocomplete when used in Search RecordIntroduced in PeopleTools 8.50
312147483648Menu - Persist in MenuIntroduced in PeopleTools 8.51
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